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atMyHome is a native solution to control the My Home BTicino and Legrand home automation system on Android.Features :
User interface with the same look and feel of the operating system.
No need of additional devices, only a standard BTicino/Legrand gateway that support the OpenWebNet protocol is required.
Manageable devices :
LightingAutomationCamsScenariosThermoregulation ( 4 and 99 zones )Sound system ( mono and multichannel )
Also available in free version limited to 2 device per type and 1 cam.
Extended address managementConfigurations sharingWidget for voice command (experimental)Discovery of gateways on the local network
When you like to control you installation through the internet, GPRS or 3G connection, its opportune to guarantee a the safety of communication. For this its recommended to use a VPN connection versus your router.